who is hannah?

Hannah is 22 years old and simply bought a camera 4 years ago because she liked taking pictures (cliche). She had no intention of turning this into anything business-like (and still doesn't like to take that approach to it). She is a pediatric Registered Nurse by profession but still hoping to do photography as a hobby. She is hoping to take her career in nursing and photography skills across the world someday. Furthermore, Hannah loves owls, trees, hiking, running (when she feels like it), swimming, writing, getting lost in bookstores and fabric stores, crafting, coffee, traveling and all shades of the color green. 

No matter where she goes the camera will come with. Her sisters take great pictures, too. They usually help at the weddings and take some of the favorite shots. She owes it all to them, the rest of her family, and the One who "redeemed [my] life from the pit and crowned [me] with love and compassion." (psalm 103:4)

(Kait--my sister and second shooter and myself at our favorite place--Adirondacks, NY)

(favorite flowers)