Where are you located?
To be exact, a little town called Elverson, which is right next to another little town called Morgantown, Pennsylvania. However, Hannah is willing to travel a reasonable distance for no extra charge. She does charge for additional gas mileage beyond 50 miles for weddings. In other words, if you are from Lancaster, Reading, Harrisburg, Philadelphia or anywhere in between Hannah could probably come shoot at your favorite location!  
What are your prices? 
Check pricing tab for that answer... or e-mail me!

How will I receive the pictures? 
By mail on discs. With EVERY session Hannah gives you full rights to the pictures on a CD/DVD. For portrait sessions is it usually 50-75 edited photos. For weddings, 750+ photos. At this time, I do not offer print packages, but I do have GREAT recommendations for where you can order professional prints.

How long will it be until I receive the 
For portrait sessions, Hannah tries really, really hard to have them edited and in the mail within 2 weeks. For weddings, she will try to have them to you within a month. However, check Hannah’s blog regularly for a sampling of the mix!

Why should I choose H. Kurtz photography? 
The truth is, H. Kurtz photography is not for everyone. Are you planning an extravagant, large, elaborate wedding or event? Then, perhaps you should look elsewhere (and Hannah has GREAT recommendations for photographers who are more conducive to that type of event). Hannah offers a unique, simple, natural light, stress-free, photo-journalistc, AFFORDABLE approach to photography using minimal equipment necessary. Hannah loves to shoot smaller scale, simple, personal weddings, family and engagement portrait sessions. If you are unsure of whether or not you fit this criteria, e-mail Hannah at hannah@hannahkurtz.com. 

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