Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Yes, it's fall.

It's really hard to believe this...
...is what the weather was like just two weeks ago.
I would say more, but I think the pictures give you an idea of how beautiful this morning shoot was. 
And I got to take pictures of this lovely family.
It's the third time I've done so, and I can't believe how much these two kids have grown up.  

Happy Fall! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I know this blog is supposed to be used for "photography" purposes, but a huge part of my life is photographing my everyday life... or special occasions in my life, I should say. Not that anything overly out of this world has happened to me recently, but as the summer came to a close, suddenly I had to cram all of those "things I will not be able to do while in nursing school" into my life. One of them being going on vacation with my family to Lake Placid, NY. It was only a short 5 day trip that consisted of hiking, hiking, and uh... more hiking? Kidding, but seriously. I'm proud of my family for going on multiple hikes... meaning we went on a hike one day (probably a 3-miler), thought it wasn't too bad, and decided to double that number the next day. Regrets? None. 
This is my sister, Lauren.

This was after our second hike. The one where we got poured on, it wouldn't stop thundering, and we were mostly separated. 

But it was worth it, because we got to see this awesome view.

EVERYONE MADE IT! (this is called Mt. Regis in the Adirondacks)

My dad makes hilarious faces.

I don't think I took this, but it was worth posting. 

Myself and my sister, Kait

Sister Lauren and Kait

My four overly adorable siblings.

And then my overly adorable parents.

We went boating on my 21st birthday. This is when we were waiting for the boat.
She doesn't usually smile like this, but we thought it was cute.

My handsome brother who only lets me take his picture from afar.

After I got home from vacation, I immediately rushed to my friend Valerie's wedding... where I was NOT the photographer, but I did get this one picture.

Her ceremony was postponed over an hour due to the rain, but she was the greatest "bride-chilla" EVER and didn't even mind it at all.

My best friend, Rebecca Horning, bakes cakes. She baked this cake and has a business called "Love Handles Desserts" if you would like on for yourself.

Rebecca, Valerie, Me.. love the hearts.

The following day I had a birthday dinner with my family and some friends. My sister and I did some last minute decorations (since we had just gotten back from vacation the day before) and she also made the food. She is a domestic queen. 

Not sure we ever fit so many people in our dining room before. 
She's the greatest.
Kait's idea for the napkin holders.

Wine glass from my friend and roommate, Alyssa. Owls are my favorite and she made this. 

Goal is to blog more this year. I think I've said that far too many times now. 
This is a start.