Monday, July 23, 2012

Starting somewhere

I will admit, my blogging has been subpar over the past six months.  I have been less than inspired to continually keep up with this, but I know once I start I tend to enjoy sharing the pictures that are just sitting on my computer.  I have weddings to reveal, engagements to share, and a variety of other events I'm DYING to post.  But today... I need to just share some of my life with the world.

Over the past few months I have graduated from college, photographed 3 weddings, was a bridesmaid in my roommate's beautiful wedding, moved home (temporarily or permanently? not sure), passed my nursing boards (therefore officially becoming Hannah Kurtz, BSN RN!), started a new job that requires quite the commute, and enjoyed time with my family and friends amidst it all. In the next six months, I will continue to work as a nurse, will watch my brother get married to the love of his life, along with some other close friends who are tying the knot shortly after, photograph a few more weddings, and hopefully continue to embrace the beautiful life God has given me.

Lastnight I went to visit my great friend Tiffany with her sister Brittany and my sister Kait.  Tiff is approximately 34 weeks pregnant with TWINS... twin boys--Vincent & Ivan.  We had a great time--chatting, laughing, EATING on the roof of her apartment.  These ladies are all amazing and bring nothing but good things into my life.

She makes this look easy. 

Love these two sisters and their friendship.

Those baby kicks are NO JOKE.