Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alfredo + Janell: Weaver's Orchard Wedding

I cannot begin to explain to everyone how stunning each and every wedding I've photographed this summer has been. Although I am not doing this "photography" thing full-time, I think that I was privileged to take pictures of some of the greatest weddings of Summer 2011 (okay, maybe I'm a little biased). More than just the creativity behind them, but the stories of how each couple came together amazes me.

For Janell & Alfredo, it was unlike any other. They met in Mexico over 7 years ago while Janell was on a missions' trip. Alfredo was living there, and they probably didn't know right away that they were going to end up marrying each other. But, it was clear as they were exchanging their vows how perfectly God's plan was in bringing them together. It was HIM who orchestrated everything, not themselves. 

Also, this was the FIRST of many weddings to come at Weaver's Orchard, a beautiful place that Janell's family owns and runs. Janell & Alfredo set the bar high for weddings that are going to be held here in the future. (Oh, and if you're getting married soon and looking for an outdoor location... this is your spot. I would highly recommend it). 

Plus, picture this: A wedding on a dock as the sun is beginning to set. It's gorgeous. I'll stop writing and let you see for yourself.







Thank you Alfredo & Janell for the incredible day! 


Alfredo & Janell said...

Hannah, thank you so much! We love the pictures and can't wait to see more. It was so much fun to have you and Kaitlyn do our photography!
Janell and Alfredo

Muro said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!